Our Campaign

In times like these, it is more critical than ever before for individuals who have dedicated their lives to working for immigrant communities to join the frontlines of our fight to defeat Donald Trump in November. 

Immigrants’ List Civic Action (ILCA) is launching a campaign with the goal of educating voters on the cruelty of Donald Trump’s dangerous immigration agenda. The focus of ILCA’s 2020 campaign is limited to this purpose. No contributions will be used for any other partisan campaign.

  • ILCA is aiming to increase voter turnout among low propensity voters in the Latinx, AAPI, African Immigrant and Afro-Carribean communities to ensure we defeat Donald Trump in November.
  • ILCA will be targeting these voters through a ground operation, as well as a TV/radio and digital ad campaign in the critical swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, and North Carolina. 
  • The ads that we will be running are strictly focused on the danger of another four years of Donald Trump.

Many of us have seen the landscape of immigration policy change before our eyes. In the last 4 years alone, our work has been uprooted and turned over by this administration, and our clients’ fear for their lives and live in a constant state of unknown-- all for the American Dream. 

ILCA’s field and media operations are launching in September 2020 and will stay on the campaign trail until Election Day. But Immigrants’ List Civic Action can’t do this without your help. Your contributions will help us build the campaign we need to win. 

Let’s ensure that Donald Trump is a one term President! Please join both our bipartisan group of AILA Presidents and make a contribution today. With your support, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


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