Immigrants’ List and the BELIEVE Act

Immigrants' List strongly endorses Senator Rand Paul's S. 2091 known as the BELIEVE Act which includes some significant proposals.

The BELIEVE Act strives to have a substantial impact on the American workforce by:

We support the BELIEVE Act because it also casts a broader net to cover children of nonimmigrants, EB classes, healthcare workers, and professionals in the STEM field. All these added together make a substantial impact on our current immigration system.

There is another bill, S.B. 386 which proposes to process the current backlog faster for specific communities, but it does not increase the number of visas or eliminate derivatives--meaning this is a short term solution that will cause unmitigated problems in the long run with massive backlogs and longer waits that could go as far as 7 to 31 years. This deliberately and vastly limits the number of immigrants coming to this country.

For this reason, Immigrants' List supports the BELIEVE Act (S. 2091) because it is a far better solution than S.B. 386.

Immigrants’ List also supports the same changes that the BELIEVE Act proposes to our family-based immigration system.

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