Mission and History


Immigrants’ List is a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to promoting the fair and just immigration laws Americans desire. IL works to elect representatives who support reform and to defeat those who use fear and misinformation to stop the reform America needs.

Our History

In the spring of 2006, Congress had failed to enact comprehensive immigration reform. It was not the first time nor was it the last time. But between this, the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the media, and the lack of a coherent immigration policy during the Clinton and Bush administrations, we decided it was time for action.

That fall, six immigration attorneys formed a network to raise money for pro-immigration candidates in the upcoming elections. We called the new group Immigrants’ List. And in just one week, IL raised $120,000.

Since then, IL has the support of nearly 30,000 supporters, has raised nearly $500,000, and supported over 60 candidates, both Republicans and Democrats. Today, Immigrants’ List is the only pro-immigration political action committee in the country — so much so that a leading anti-reform PAC, Americans for Legal Immigration, calls us their “nemesis.”

As Immigrants’ List’s message has spread, IL also has given a voice to Americans everywhere who support reforming our broken system and has helped to change the conversation in Washington. Now, we hope to make real immigration reform a reality.