Immigrants' List is proud to have supported such great elected officials and worthy candidates during 2016's heated election cycle. 


Senator Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet

U.S. Senate Colorado

Michael Bennet knows how to get things done for immigration. A life long advocate of reform, he brought his passion to the United States Senate. In 2009 he co-sponsored the DREAM Act, advocating for the rights of immigrants who are making this country better. He also knows that when it comes to true reform, cooperation is key. As one of the "Gang of Eight," Bennet was instrumental in drafting the comprehensive immigration reform bill that was passed in the Senate in 2013. With a growing immigrant population and more than 20% of its residents identifying as Hispanic, Colorado depends on the immigration reform that Sen. Bennet is fighting for. We know we can count of Sen. Bennet to continue the fight for reform: That's why we are proud to endorse Michael Bennet for Senate

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Senator Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth U.S. Senator, Illinois 

Tammy Duckworth has been an outspoken advocate for comprehensive reform since her election to the House of Representatives in 2012. Rep. Duckworth understands the benefits of reform to the U.S. and its citizens and supports a pathway to citizenship so that families can stay together. Rep. Duckworth will continue to be an example for all pro-immigration reform leaders, and Immigrants’ List is proud to support her reelection campaign.

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Congresswoman Linda Sánchez
Linda Sánchez U.S. House, California District 38

Few in Congress are as close to the immigration debate as Linda Sánchez. She were born to Mexican immigrants in California, and as the daughter of immigrants, she would like to see both parties stand up for the basic dignity of immigrants -- it's the very least they can do. Linda's Los Angeles district is more than 29 percent immigrant and more than 60 percent Hispanic. There is a lot riding on her leadership on immigration reform, and the Congresswoman has been at the forefront of the fight. As chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, she has to stand up for her community in Washington, and she doesn't back down from anyone. We were proud to support her in 2016.
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Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

U.S. Senator, Nevada

We're very excited to recognize Senator Catherine Cortez Masto as this year's 2017 Michael Maggio Honoree after an extremely competitive and highly watched campaign. The granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant, she previously served as Nevada's Attorney General from 2007 to 2015 prior to being elected as the first Latina to serve in the US Senate. In the wake of President Trump's anti-immigrant executive order released at the end of January, Senator Cortez Masto introduced her first bill in the Senate, S.415.  This bill seeks to nullify Trump's executive order by protecting federal funds for sanctuary cities and by fighting against the massive deportations that may result from Trump's measure.

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Senator Patrick Leahy

U.S. Senator, Vermont

A native of Vermont, Senator Pat Leahy has been serving his constituents in the U.S. Senate for 42 years. Senator Leahy serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Leahy has fought for immigrant rights from a humanitarian standpoint throughout his career. He has worked to expand work visa programs to include agricultural work, and actively fights for refugee rights and protections. This is especially apparent in his work to unite immigrant families. Senator Leahy has worked to end family detention centers and to protect same-sex partners who immigrate to the U.S. with the same rights as married opposite-sex families. 

Senator Leahy remains committed to serving the people of Vermont, improving our country’s policies on defense, healthcare, education, agriculture, foreign policy, and the environment.

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Other Endorsements: 

Margaret Stock

U.S. Senate Candidate, Alaska

Margaret Stock joined immigration law firm Cascadia Cross-Border Law in 2013. Stock is an immigration expert, focusing on developing programs to enable non-citizens to serve in the military.. She created a program to allow the U.S. military to recruit eligible immigrants to enlist, and in 2015 this program, Mavni, was launched. This effort was designed to provide a fast track to citizenship for those who fulfill their active duty requirements, allowing families to remain together and for immigrants to utilize their language and training skills to benefit military programs. Currently, Stock ran for U.S. Senate as an independent from the state of Alaska. Her platform focused on finding solutions to our country’s biggest problems in a non-partisan way.

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Patrick Murphy

U.S. Senate Candidate, FL

IL was proud to support Fmr. Congressman Patrick Murphy in his campaign for US Senate in Florida in 2016.  Patrick believes in a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and has been an outspoken supporter of the DREAM Act, which gives this opportunity specifically to students planning to join the military or attend college.  Murphy's opponent, Sen. Marco Rubio called DACA a "bureaucratic nightmare", and pledged to defund it while running for President in 2016.

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Joe Garcia

U.S. House Candidate, FL-26

Joe Garcia has been a friend of IL for years.  The former Congressman was a chief sponsor of the Commonsense Immigration Reform Bill in October 2013, and has been an outspoken advocate for immigrant families in his very diverse district.  Joe's opponenet, Carlos Curbelo, said that undocumented Floridians "need to pay a price for the crime they committed when they illegally entered the country." We aimed to keep Garcia in office so that he can build the coalitions necessary to fix our broken immigration system.

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Russ Feingold

U.S. Senate Candidate, WI

Russ Feingold, former Senator, is proudly supported by Immigrants’ List.  Since announcing his campaign for Senate, Russ visited each of Wisconsin's 72 counties at least once and earned the endorsements of the Wisconsin Working Families Party, the Alliance for Retired Americans, and the Sierra Club.  But most importantly, unlike Donald Trump and Russ' opponent Ron Johnson, Russ supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in this country, opposes a border wall and supports federal assistance for sanctuary cities.  

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Morgan Carroll

U.S. House Candidate, CO-6 

Morgan served as a State Senator, State House Member and President of the Colorado Senate in her time before her campaign for US Congress. Currently. Morgan serves as chairwoman for the Colorado Democratic Party. Morgan believes that far too many people are currently unable to achieve citizenship due to our broken immigration system, and therefore fully supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship and an updated visa allocation law allowing a more realistic number of visas, with greater flexibility to reunite families and to match employers with worker skills not readily available in the U.S.

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