About Us


Immigrants’ List is dedicated to reforming our broken immigration system and stopping anti-immigrant policies like an Unconstitutional Travel Ban and an expensive and unnecessary border wall. We fight to elect pro-reform representatives and we work to defeat those who use fear and falsehoods to stop the reform America needs.


Immigrants List was founded in 2006 by six immigration attorneys as a way to support pro-immigration candidates for office. As the first pro-immigration political action committee in the country, we've led the fight for change.

With the election of Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant policies of his White House, we are redoubling our efforts to stop this dangerous agenda.


We are dedicated to ending the era of anti-immigrant policies from the Trump White House. That means we will fight to end the Muslim Travel Ban, the absurd border wall, and the deployment of ICE agents to round up undocumented families around the country -- that have created a culture of fear in immigrant communities.

Immigrant's List is working to reform our broken immigration systems, because true reform means helping grow our economy, while keeping families and communities together and bringing otherwise law-abiding residents out of the shadows.