2014 Endorsements


Representative Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley Candidate for U.S. Senate, Iowa

Representative Braley has been a common-sense voice for reform in the House and is now running to replace retiring Senator Tom Harkin in the Senate. His opponent would be given a national stage for her anti-"amnesty" platform, and the Senate that passed comprehensive immigration reform should not regress.

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Representative Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth Candidate for U.S. House, Illinois District 8 (incumbent)

Running for reelection, Tammy Duckworth cites her family's story as having a strong influence in her support for immigration reform. Her mother was an immigrant who became a citizen in her 50s. In December 2013, Duckworth fasted with Fast4Families to highlight the importance of immigration reform. We are proud to support her again as she will continue to stand up and fight for reform in the House.

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Representative Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia Candidate for U.S. House, Florida District 26 (incumbent)

Joe Garcia has been a leading support of immigration reform and was chief sponsor of the Commonsense Immigration Reform Bill in October 2013. We need to keep Garcia in office so that he can build the coalitions necessary to fix our broken immigration system. We are proud to support his reelection.

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Jim Mowrer
Jim Mowrer Candidate for U.S. House, Iowa District 4

Running in Iowa's 4th congressional district against infamous anti-immigration firebrand Steve King, Jim Mowrer will fight for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. Mowrer cites attending citizenship ceremonies for his fellow soldiers in Iraq and witnessing their patriotism as an experience that led him to support reforming our immigration system.

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Domenic Recchia
Domenic Recchia Candidate for U.S. House, New York District 11

Domenic Recchia is running in New York's 11th congressional district in Staten Island and Brooklyn, home to many immigrants and the descendants of immigrants. Unlike incumbent Michael Grimm, Recchia will fight for immigration reform, is a great fit for this district and will stand up for what’s right.

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Senator Mark Udall
Mark Udall Candidate for U.S. Senate, Colorado (incumbent)

In 2013, Senator Mark Udall called voting for S. 744, the comprehensive immigration reform bill, "the most important vote he has ever cast" in the Senate. However, his opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, has different ideas. Gardner has consistently voted to block immigration reform in the House and called for the deportation of DREAMers while enforcing the "rule of law." He also voted for the Secure the Southwest Border Act of 2014, which provided for the immediate deportation of unaccompanied undocumented children.

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