2012 Endorsements

Immigrants’ List selects candidates based on their beliefs and their desire to actively pursue immigration reform that unites families, improves our economy, and restores America as a welcoming beacon. Have a candidate you’d like us to look into? E-mail us at info@immigrantslist.org. Are you a candidate or elected official that would like our endorsement? Fill out our questionnaire.

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Christie Vilsack (IA) - Endorsed

Running in Iowa’s new 4th district against infamous anti-immigrant firebrand Steve King, Christie Vilsack is a breath of fresh air who will fight for the reforms that Iowa’s businesses and working families deserve. Unlike King – who has likened immigrants to livestock and said our immigration system should be modeled on dog-breeding – Vilsack is a great fit for this moderate new district, and will stand up for what’s right.
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Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff - Endorsed

Paul Penzone will be the sheriff that Maricopa County deserves. Running against the infamous Joe Arpaio, Penzone is touting his experience and results as a law enforcement officer over a decades-long career. While Arpaio has sought headlines and fringe supporters with his attacks on immigrants and embarrassing investigations into President Obama’s birth certificate, Arpaio has also neglected his basic duties (for instance, he’s failed to investigate hundreds of sex crimes, and is now being sued by the US Justice Department for the gross neglect his office has for the Constitution). Immigrants’ List supports Paul Penzone 100%, and know that he’ll be a great sheriff to protect Arizona’s working families.
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Ann McLane Kuster (NH) - Endorsed

Ann McLane Kuster is the kind of common-sense leader that New Hampshire is known for. Unlike incumbent Congressman Charlie Bass, Kuster will stand up for immigration reform that unites families, boosts America’s economy, creates American jobs, and restores the country that we love.
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Martin Heinrich for Senate (NM) - Endorsed

We’ve been proud to support Martin Heinrich since 2006. Since being elected to the House, he’s been a tireless champion for New Mexico’s middle class – constantly striving to improve their quality-of-life and expand opportunity for everyone. We wholeheartedly support him in his race for US Senate, and look forward to seeing him win in November (and eagerly await the accomplishments he’ll achieve once he takes office).
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Raul Grijalva (AZ) - Endorsed

Grijalva’s bravery and advocacy for immigration has rightly won him praise from pro-reform Americans. One of the top Democratic leaders in the House, we need to keep Grijalva in office so that he can build the coalitions needed to advance immigration reform, reunite families, and create American jobs. We’re proud to support his reelection.
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Tammy Duckworth (IL) - Endorsed

Congresswoman Duckworth has been an avid supporter of a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. Her mother is an immigrant who became a citizen in her 50’s. Congresswoman Duckworth has seen our immigration system at work and understands the need to change it.
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Julia Brownley (CA) - Endorsed

One of the hardest-working members of the California State Assembly, Julia is a sensible, hardworking public servant who will fight for immigration reform that creates California jobs. We’re excited to support Julia, not only because she’s a great leader, but also because she has the potential to flip a longtime anti-immigration seat in the House.
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